How Do I Get Life Insurance Coverage If I Have Health Issues?

If you have an existing health issue, you might think that you will be declined for life insurance or that it you won’t be able to afford the higher rates.  This might discourage you from applying for coverage even though you need it.  The fact is that you can get a ‘Preferred’ health rating if you have mild to moderate health issues in some cases.  The key is to apply with the right company.  Some companies are more liberal when it comes to underwriting certain medical impairments.  Here’s how we get our clients with health issues the best rates possible.

Questionnaire – We accumulate as much information as possible about you particular health issue.  We have a detailed questionnaire for every health issue out there.  The questionnaire asks all of the important questions the life insurance company wants to know about your particular health issue.  If you have a mild to moderate health issue, we can usually get you some tentative offers in a short period of time so you can see what you are up against before filling out a formal application.  If you have a more serious condition, we will most likely need to order your medical records.

Cover Letter – Most agents don’t write cover letters for their clients, but we do.  A cover letter is used to spotlight any positive lifestyle attributes that the underwriters don’t see in your application or medical records.  A cover letter can go a long way in getting you a better rating.

Informally Shop Your Case – We never want to waste your time.  Our goal is to ensure you get the right policy with the right company at the best rate.  We will show your case to multiple insurance companies and gather some tentative offers.  Once we review the offers, we will apply with the one that we feel will be the best fit for you.

Get a Second Opinion if You’ve Been Declined – We go the extra mile for our clients who have medical issues.  We’ve been able to secure affordable coverage for clients who have been declined using other agents.  If you’ve been declined for life insurance, give us the details of your case and let us try to get you the coverage you need.

Getting Life Insurance if You Have Health Issues

If you are looking for the best rates on life insurance and you have health issues, we can help.  We know which companies favorably underwrite mild to major health issues.  Give us a chance to find you the best coverage to match your needs.  Call us at 877-205-4172 or email us at for a no obligation consultation.

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