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John Hancock Vitality Program Review

John Hancock has introduced Vitality, a program that rewards policyholders for living a healthy lifestyle.  It’s the first of its kind in the United States and offers policyholders the opportunity to earn rewards and lower their premiums annually for living a healthy lifestyle.  If you’re looking for more out of your life insurance coverage, John Hancock’s Vitality Program could be a great fit for you.  Here’s how it works.

How Does the Vitality Program from John Hancock Work?

When you become a policyholder, you will go online to determine your ‘Vitality Age’ by using the ‘Vitality Age Calculator’.  This will help you determine your risk-based age relative to a healthy person of the same chronological age.  It will also give you an overall indication of your health.  You will receive feedback on creating personalized health goals and as well as health tips to keep you on track.  You will be able to monitor your progress with a FREE Fitbit device furnished by John Hancock. You will also be eligible for a free health check from one of the program’s affiliated partners, Walgreens or Quest Diagnostics.  Your results will be automatically recorded allowing you to easily earn Vitality Points.

Vitality Point Status Levels

Throughout the year, your progress will be monitored and you will accumulate ‘Vitality Points’.  On each annual policy anniversary, you will earn ‘Vitality Status’ based on the number of points you earned for the year.  You can earn Bronze Status, Silver Status, Gold Status or Platinum Status.  The points required for each status is as follows:

Bronze Status     0 Points

Silver Status       3500 Points

Gold Status         7,000 Points

Platinum Status   10,000 Points

Earning Points with the Vitality Program

Earning points with the Vitality Program is easy.  If you are active and see your doctor on a regular basis with good results, you should have no problem qualifying for ‘Platinum Status’ each year.  Here are some examples of how you can earn points in the program.

Physical Activity

Light Workout (5,000 to 9,999 steps per day)                       10 Points Daily

Standard Workout (10,000 to 14,999 steps per day)          20 Points Daily

Advanced Workout (≥ 15,000 steps per day)                       30 Points Daily

Health Screenings

Glucose Check – Reading of <100mg/dl                                  1000 Points (once per year)

Cholesterol Check – Reading of <200mg/dl                          1000 Points (once per year)

Blood Pressure Check – Reading of ≤ 120/80                       1000 Points (once per year)

Body Mass Index (BMI) Check – BMI of 18.5-24.9              1000 Points (once per year)

Non Tobacco User                                                                           1000 Points (once per year)


Annual Flu Shot                                                                                400 Points (once per year)

Dental Screening                                                                              200 Points (once per year)

Online Education

Nutrition Courses                                                                          75 Points Each (six per year)

Mental Well-Being Reviews                                                        50 Points Each   (Four per year)

Each category has its own maximum allowable point total, but on physical activity alone you are allowed to earn up to 7000 points.  The program makes it easy for those who are proactive about maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle to earn many points annually.

What Rewards are Available in the Program?

All policyholders will qualify to receive the following benefits:

  • Free FitBit device
  • A 25% discount on electronic gift cards from Vitality to purchase qualifying outdoor gear from REI.
  • Gift cards from retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon, Whole Foods and more.
  • Save up to $600 annually on healthy food purchases at thousands of stores nationwide.

If your policy has face value of $2,000,000 or more, you will also be eligible to receive:

  • Half price hotel stays at any Hyatt hotel worldwide. The higher your status, the more nights you can purchase each year.
  • Cruise rewards of 20% to 50% off, depending on your Vitality Status, from Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Crystal Cruises and more.

How Does Your Status Affect Premium Rates?

We’ve mentioned before that there are 4 different status levels that you can achieve each year.  Your annual premium rate will be affected by the status you receive each year.

Status                                   Effect on Premium

Platinum Status                     Premiums are reduced

Gold Status                             Premiums are unchanged

Silver Status                           Premiums increase slightly

Bronze Status                         Premiums increase slightly more than Silver Status

As you can see, it is in your best interest to be proactive in the program.  Maintaining Gold Status for most should be easy, which would keep your premiums level.  If you are not proactive in the program, you could see your rates increase each year.  On the flip side, if you could maintain Platinum Status, your premiums could decrease every year your policy is in force.

Drawbacks to the Vitality Program

We see a few potential drawbacks to the Vitality Program from John Hancock.

Since John Hancock and Vitality will be monitoring certain information about your health, some might view this as a privacy concern.  You can be selective about which information you make available, although it might hurt your ability to earn points.

Another issue is that if you do not proactively participate in the program or if you suffer some sort of medical setback that does not allow you to participate in the program, your premiums will increase.  That is not the case with other traditional level premium term products.  With other traditional level products, your lifestyle after the policy is in force won’t affect your premiums.

One other issue is the fact that the travel rewards are only available on term products with a face value of $2,000,000 or more.  Every policyholder will receive a free Fitbit and the option to reduce their premiums by maintaining ‘Platinum Status’, but only larger term policies will have access to all of the rewards available.

Our Review of John Hancock’s Vitality Program

If you are looking to get more out of your term life policy, John Hancock’s Vitality program might be a good fit for you.  To access all of the benefits in the program, your term policy must have a face value of $2,000,000.  There is no face value limit for the Vitality Program if used for John Hancock’s permanent life insurance coverage options.  Since many people today are health conscious, why not take a look at the Vitality Program as an option.  We would be happy to show you an illustration of the product so you can see how it might fit your overall lifestyle.  If you are interested in learning more, please feel to give us a call at 877-205-4172 or email us at info@termlifeanswers.com.

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